My goal is to foster transformation in individuals and businesses. It started with a yoga class in my 20s but it's grown since then.

I began my career on Wall Street, in finance; I moved in and out of New York to work around the world, and I mostly taught myself yoga from books. I would stick to the same teachers when I was home in New York on a break. Yoga not only kept me fit and happy, it cultivated in me an ability to soothe myself when I sometimes felt lonely or not at home wherever I was living.

When 9/11 happened, I decided I wanted to change my life and make a difference. I realized I was able to teach, and that I also wanted to teach yoga. Yoga felt as natural as surfing to me, or as natural as breathing is. I became an Integral Yoga certified yoga teacher, and soon after I started a yoga studio called Boundless Yoga Studio.

Boundless taught thousands of amazing students and trained scores of teachers, and it was twice put on the shortlist of DC’s Best Studios. I was voted DC’s Best Yoga Teacher three times and became NBC4’s regular yoga expert also featured in a PBS documentary on the NONEs. I closed Boundless in 2013 to be with my children at home and to support my husband’s development career.

I continue to teach yoga. Kim Weeks Well now includes leading and teaching wellness to businesses interested in the process and practice of being well. I’ve learned a lot along the way, through leaving a high-paying job to start my own small business; closing that business to prioritize raising my children and creating a home; and managing both the boundaries and boundless joys of motherhood. My hope is to help others with this unique knowledge and experience. My vision is to stay well and healthy and help others do the same.



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