Mercury retrograde + parenting = negative productivity

I'm telling you. Mercury retrograde.

How about this soft launch, eh? I feel like a disaster. I totally thought I would be able to post something daily when I was in California, single parenting with my kids and hanging out with multiple family members who all have the same long troubled history that I do. And that we have to process and deal with every time we see each other.

This yogini did some drinking out there.

It could be that overreach and dumb ambition will prevent me from ever doing anything again! I do really wonder when I will ever learn that being a parent = getting a fraction (WHAT'S THE EXACT ONE I WANT TO KNOW) done of what you used to.

Bottom line when Mercury goes backwards relative to our eyes: Whether you like it or not, you might as well just chill and forget accomplishing anything. Or try one thing. Like doing drop-off AND pick-up IN THE SAME DAY on time and without any drama.

Hit me up if you're successful! You have until the 29th!

Kim Weeks