Well Workplace

My goal is to foster transformation in business. I offer consulting services to executives and Human Resources departments of Fortune 500 businesses and other businesses seeking to understand and integrate basic commitments to workplace wellness. Organizations embracing the necessity of a well workforce are the ones able to operate at the next level of productivity because they 1) boost employee morale and improve employees' experience of the team, teamwork, and productive communications, and 2) create a more sustainable model by reducing healthcare costs, retaining talent, and increasing brand awareness.

I developed my approach from teaching yoga (including training yoga teachers and yoga coaches), from owning and running a yoga business, and from 10 years as a Wall Street professional. 

Based on the particular organization's or group's needs, I work with team leaders and management to create programs that help all participants define, taking ownership over, and be accountable to their own wellness. I use such techniques as specific breathing practices, 10-minute yoga sequences for the office, conflict-resolution meditations and communications techniques, and other mindful communication techniques. Included in my approach is both identification and descriptions of goals, and measurement/assessment of those goals.

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