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Businesses must empower employees and stakeholders to cultivate their own best lives starting from the revenues that company makes.

The free market empowers people to seek and establish power and truth first for themselves, and then for others, based on the premise that businesses must grow to survive and thrive. The likelier a company is to consider health and wellness costs fixed, the greater is the chance that the company has a long-term, sustainable business model.

Kim Weeks Well offers probing, efficient, and productive Wellness Audits for any organization seeking to answer these 21st century questions: What role does business play in personal health, and where does fiduciary responsibility to employees’ health begin and end? In these sessions, executives from Human Resources and other parts of the company sign up to ask discuss, reflect on, and produce implementable plans that can be defined against its own mission and vision.

Let’s discuss how working together could benefit your business and employees.

Kim helped us create a strong diversification strategy and rewrite our business plan. Her insights helped us to look at the core of our values as a business and enabled us to take the next step in our growth as a wellness company. Kim was instrumental in the success of our company rebranding.


For individuals as well as to groups, I teach webinars and onsite yoga classes, including yoga teacher trainings. I apprentice yoga students to become yoga teachers through my training as a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) and as a Registered Yoga School (RYS200, RYS300) with Yoga Alliance.

I teach seminars online introducing quick and easy changes that households can make to become more well.

I lead longer events and programs, including yoga and wellness retreats, to help individuals establish a regular and sustainable practice for being healthy.

Check out my schedule of classes and workshops below or contact me about private coaching or consultation.

I have a very high-pressured job, and Kim’s classes have become my main outlet — and a nonnegotiable no matter how busy my week.